Shua Fried Presents: New Hits of R’ Hillel Paley Performed By Avi Miller

September 10, 2015 1 min read

After the great success of his album “Avi Miller Sings R’ Hillel“, conductor and arranger Yehoshua Fried is now happy to present a new album, the second in its series, featuring the incredible voice of Avi Miller performing new hits together with well known and beloved compositions. The album, which is set to be released in the coming days is called Avi Miller Sings R’ Hillel 2.

The first album, which was filled with Kumzitz-style songs of the great composer R’ Hillel Paley, was a major success in the Yeshiva and Kollel world. He topped some of the sales charts, and the album was sent to print 3 times. With this new album, he is introducing no less than 4 new hit songs!
Miller, who used to be in the Yishai Lapidot‘s Moetzet Hashira Ha’Yehudit is considered one of the favorite singers in the Yeshiva world and performs in many Simchas, Aufrufs, Bar Mitzvah, and other events.

The combination of his pleasant voice with these incredible compositions and the rich orchestra of Yehoshua Fried creates a result that is sweet to listen to.

In honor of the release of the new album, Fried is announcing that anybody who purchases it will also receive a free copy of the first album as well!

Click PLAY below to hear the song Hiney Ma Tov off the new album

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