Avraham Samet – Tatte

October 12, 2015 1 min read

We all remember the tragedy that happened to the Samet family. At the Levaya of R’ Shmuel Wozner, while the Mittah was being brought out of the Beis Medrash, and the Bochur Yitzchak Samet was trampled to his death on the steps. Before he passed though, he had managed to compose a number of songs, the first one of which was Tatte, which he had wanted to record, before he met his untimely passing.

Yitzchak’s brother Avraham was a partner to Yitzchak’s musical pans, and even helped him produce and organized the studio and the musicians, but the plans fell through when the tragedy struck. “During the Chag of Pesach I stayed at my brother’s bedside in the hospital, and then afterwards we sat Shiva, and every thought of music left the schedules of our days. I couldn’t even begin to think about it, but lately, it crept into my mind that I had promised Yitzchak and I have to keep that promise, in addition to the fact that I myself was a part of the project, and helped with some of the melodies and arrangement to the lyrics, and I think that I must bring my brother’s dream to fruition,” said Avromi. Avromi then turned to R’ Yoely Klein to help him finish off the project. The first single Tatte, performed by Avromi was arranged by Shmuel Levinson. Avromi said, “I think if people sing this song with every ounce of simcha that they have, it will be an aliyah for my brother’s Neshama.”

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