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Following the Prime Minister’s keynote speech at last week’s Sheva Brachot celebration of MKAryeh Deri’s daughter, Yisrael Adler, renowned singer and talented grammer (lyricist), appeared on stage together with Yehuda Glili’s orchestra. Adler stunned the audience when he repeated the Prime Minister’s entire speech in rhyming lyrics. His performance won effusive applause from the amazed audience.

The Prime Minister, who was amazed at how quickly his speech had been transformed into a musical masterpiece, approached Yisrael Adler and told him, “Don’t tell anyone that I called you yesterday to tell you what I’m going to speak about. I was mesmerized by your ability to instantly replay my speech… We need to bring you to the Knesset. But there you’ll need to replay everyone’s speeches and that can be a bit tiring…

The evening’s entertainment, which was arranged by Producer Yossi Frankel, included music by Yehuda Glili’s band, Chazzan and singer Yisrael Adler and Singer Shalom Bernhaltz. Together, they performed a wide variety of Chassidic, Israeli and Sephardi songs.

Before leaving the hall, the Prime Minister approached the orchestra’s stage and complimented them: “Thank you. You sang beautifully, really beautifully. Even with the Moroccan songs I could tell you were experienced. When I came in here, I didn’t expect you to impress me as much as you did, with such a rich and varied repertoire of music. I must tell you, I sat here longer than planned because I enjoyed listening to you and you really got me stirred up. I haven’t seen such young musical talent in a long time and I’m happy to discover it tonight specifically here in the Charedi community.”

The Prime Minister then positioned himself next to the band members for a photo shoot.

Yehuda Glili is a young gifted musician, known in Israel as an incredibly talented music arranger, who heads an orchestra that performs almost nightly in Israel and abroad. The young Glili’s extraordinary abilities as an arranger and conductor have earned him the title “maestro”. When he was only eleven years old, he performed in an exclusive concert held by the conservatory where he studied music. Recently, Glili arranged three songs in Yoeli Greenfeld’s album, one of them being “Aleinu L’Shabayach” which was composed by Yossi Green. Green gave effusive praise for Glili’s masterful and precise arrangement of this song.

Yisrael Adler is the son of renowned Chazzan Chaim Adler who served as chief Chazzan in Yerushalayim’s Great Synagogue. The junior Adler has now gone international and is performing at dinners, parlor meetings and other events all over the world. Just last week, he performed at the Mir Yeshivah Dinner in New York. Adler recently released Oiros, a sellout album with several songs that have turned into instant hits. In that album too, Adler partnered with Glili, who did the arrangements for the song “Vosik”.

Watch this clip showing part of the Prime Minister’s speech which was immediately followed by Adler’s talented presentation.











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