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One Night in Brooklyn… Blue Melody – Boruch Sholom – Yedidim Choir

January 09, 2016

One night in Brooklyn… A closed performance featuring the collaboration of the Blue Melody group and Boruch Sholom. Coming off the release of his debut album and having been a long time composer to the stars of Jewish music, Boruch Sholom‘s unique style and groove proved to be a perfect fit for Blue Melody. With Mendy Heshkowitz‘s arrangements, band and artist gave the select audience a true feel for artistry and presentation with songs from “ Bishvili,” Boruch Sholom‘s debut album.

Starting with “ A Gutta Voch,” with it’s power and rhythmic movements to the Hartzig melody of “ Tefilah L’emoishe” and concluding with the lyrical groove of “ Time In My Life,” Boruch Sholomand Blue Melodylet you relive this incredible evening wherever you are.

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