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Crack of Dawn (MBD) – Levy Falkowitz and The Shira Choir

by yossi January 17, 2016

On a Chanukah night in winter of 2015, Levy Falkowitz sang the classic song “ Crack of Dawn” composed by the legendary Yossi Green originally recorded by Mordechai Ben David on the hit album “ Moshiach” in 1992

Joining him is the very talented Pinny Ostreicher on the piano and the famous guitar player from the Sympinny band Chaim Bokchin.

Backup vocals by Avrum Mordche Schwartz and Eli Shprei from The Shira Choir.

An Oh Yeah production


Trembling in the darkness
A battle field, who knows
The soldier crawls ahead
For behind him someone goes
Oh heaven!
Pounding is his heartbeat
He whispers words of prayer
It seems that all his life
In a flash may disappear

Wait the crack of dawn
As it greets the weary trooper
Now his comrades he can see
Reunited all for victory
And there beneath the sun
In a moment he has conquered
All his fear just slipped away
Like the night so swiftly turned to day

Trembling in the darkness
Praying for the light
It seems it may never come
At the darkest of the night
Oh yes!
This galus it surrounds us
A battle field who knows
We slowly inch a head
We believe its really close

Wait the crack of dawn
Bright horizon soon the sunshine
Yes Moshiach’s on his way
All the grief the sorrow slipped away
The past is but a dream
In Yerushalyim the bais hamikdosh
Yes this golus slipped away
Like the night so swiftly turned to day

Young and old dancing everywhere
We believed it all
Have been (heaven) standing tall
Eternal paradise, euphoria
The past is but a dream
In Yerushalyim, the bais hamikdosh
Yes this golus slipped away
Like the night so swiftly turned to day
Pain so long forgotten,
night forever gone
Now here it is
the crack of dawn


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