Yaakov Feldstein Wows the Music World Yet Again with his New Hit, “Speak To The World”

February 22, 2016 3 min read

After Yaakov inspired crowds around the globe with his song, “More Light“, he’s back with “Speak To The World“, a rocking new song which tells that very story while continuing to empower people to change the world.

The previous single released by Yaakov Feldstein, “More Light“, gained international acclaim when it was used as the worldwide anthem in Dance For Kindness on November 8, 2015. DFK was a worldwide flashmob in which tens of thousands of people in over 100 cities in over 50 countries danced a single choreography to a single song (“More Light”) on a single day, to promote kindness and world unity. In addition, the flagship location for DFK, Times Square, New York City, featured a live performance of “More Light” during the flashmob by Yaakov himself.

Although Yaakov never dreamed of having a global impact and touching so many lives with his music, inspiring others has been a driving force behind his songwriting. The positive messages he instills in his music are palpable through the lyrics and the melodies are sure to make you move. When “More Light” was selected by public vote as the worldwide anthem, he rose to occasion and put his all into having as big of an impact as possible. It certainly paid off, as people around the world have expressed life changing experiences that resulted from “More Light“, including acts of kindness and peace.

Since Yaakov’s songs come from an emotional place, deeply connected with real life experiences, it was obvious that he was going to write a song about the experience of performing in Times Square while knowing that people around the world were simultaneously dancing, coming together under the banner represented by his song. The result is “Speak To The World“. His story, his desire for an improved world, his musical strength, his modesty, and his lyrical mastery are all evident in this single that can boost your spirits and motivate you to get out there and change the world. An exciting new track with touches of rock, pop, and country, “Speak To The World” quenches our thirst for quality music while whetting our appetite for more from this young talent.

“Speak To The World is available on all online music retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Mostly Music, and others. Link to Mostly Music: http://mostlymusic.com/products/yaakov-feldstein-speak-to-the-world

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“Speak To The World”
Composition and Lyrics by Yaakov Feldstein
Produced by Jake Antelis

Yaakov Feldstein……………Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Keys
Mo Antelis………………………Electric Guitars, Bass
Jake Antelis……………………Drums, Backup Vocals

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Jake Antelis, Hillside, NJ
Presented by Aviator Studios, Queens, NY
Distributed In Part by CD Baby

Cover Photo by Shimon Lindenblatt
Cover Art and Design by Ruchie Gross



Not sure how I got here, just know my mission’s clear
I’ve got a chance to say my piece
Words reach far and wide, if they’re real they’ll get inside
Carried by a tune they fly through the streets

Enter hearts through open ears, effects remain for years and years
So I sit with a guitar and pen
In a world of art my canvas lies in greener grass and bluer skies
It seems what moves me moves them

When you get one shot, to speak to the world
You throw your hands up, and let your voice be heard
If not now then when? If not you would it be them?
As the future comes why live the past again?

All these eyes I’ve never seen, suddenly fall on me,
Up here I’ll let nothing drag me down
‘Cause yesterday I felt small, now to the world I seem tall
Give it my all, make the moment count

Got a chance to change a life, sing and and dance to stop the strife
People listen to a message when its shared
If bringing joy is why you live, count up the moments that you give
We wish and hope, for others we should care

When you get one shot, to speak to the world
You throw your hands up, and let your voice be heard
If not now then when? If not you would it be them?
As the future comes why live the past again?

People dream for a lifetime
Dreams that seem to set us all behind
But I dream to bring More Light
Seems I’m not the only one this time

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