8th Day

8th Day Returns This Chanukah With A Brand New Smash Hit; “Miracle Of Light”!

Written and composed by the band’s lead singer Shmuel Marcus and produced and arranged by his brother Bentzi Marcus (guitarist and singer in the band.)

A fresh and exciting track, its bringing the miracle of the oil that lasted eight nights into our everyday life. “I’ll be a miracle of light”, and “show me a candle I’ll show you the light” are some lyrical examples of this unique Jewish pop/rock take on the miracle of light we celebrate every year on Chanukah.

The song was produced and engineered at MT Studios in Burbank, CA by legendary producer and bass player Matt Thorne and features the always amazing Michael Lee on synth and keys. “I love working with these guys”, said Matt, “they always bring so much positive energy to the studio and the music is great!” Added Michael Lee, “Shmuel has an incredible way of writing these hooks that you just have to love. His songs are infectiously uplifting. I don’t understand all the words but the soul aspect of their music still shines through”.

The music video was produced and directed by 8th Day‘s Bentzi Marcus and filmed and edited by Levi Percia. Shmuel says “it’s great being on set with Bentzi as he’s performing in and directing the video at the same time! He’s got the vision..” The video shoot took place on the campus of the Hebrew Academy of Huntington Beach, CA.

Aside from all the pyrotechnics and incredible dance and acrobatics, the video also features a kids choir of students from the Hebrew Academy. “This was kind of a full circle moment for us”, said Bentzi. “I got my music career started singing in the Hebrew Academy school choir, and Chanukah time was always our main performance. So when the school thankfully agreed to participate in this it was definitely a neat convergence of past, present and future.”

So folks, as we start getting into the Chanukah spirit let’s get ready to be a “Miracle Of Light“!

“Miracle Of Light” lyrics:

No fighter plane or battleship can crush what’s pure and sweet
It’s that last drop of oil that just won’t see defeat
It keeps our little hoppin’ flame dancin’ to the beat
It’s that last drop of oil we’re takin’ to the streetsAnd we’ll blow smoke in the face of darkness
Set fires to burn up the night
Tell and retell all your stories
Be a miracle of light

דנת את דינם נקמת נקמתם גבורים ביד חלשים רבים ביד מעטים
(Danto es dinam, nekamta nikmosom, giborim b’yad chaloshim, rabim b’yad mi’atim)

I’ll be a nes nes, I’ll be a bright light
I’ll be a miracle, I’ll be a miracle of light

Crushed like an olive let your oil flow
When there’s nothing left your true colors show
So reach deep down and grab that spark ain’t you tired of living in the dark
Show me a candle I’ll show you the light show me a candle I’ll show you the light

And we’ll blow smoke……

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