Shimon Craimer Releases FREE Album “Kolot HaChuppah”

March 05, 2016 1 min read

The idea to record “Kolot HaChuppah” came to Shimon Craimer after realizing a few months ago that there are indeed a number of people out there who feel connected to their Judaism but unfortunately not connected to Jewish music. Many individuals in our Jewish world grew up not listening to Jewish music and when they reach a time in their lives to have a life event such as a wedding, the music of their choice is not from a Jewish melodic perspective. More importantly the traditional words sung at the chupah are disregarded too. This album available as a FREE download and will hopefully give the many Chatanim and Kallot who are looking for melodies that make them feel spiritually uplifted and recognizable in their own way and “marry” them with the spirituality of the Hebrew texts that make the Jewish chupah ceremony such a pivotal moment in all our lives.

Download the album FREE on

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