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Tal Vaknin feat. Gad Elbaz – Emunah

by yossi April 17, 2016

International rising star and composer Tal Vaknin, has join forces with the greatest superstar in Jewish music; Gad Elbaz, to compose and sing an emotional heartfelt song about faith and hope. This soulful song was produced into a beautifully cinematic music video, and portrays G-ds presence in our lives thru the impactful lyric’s written by Jherin Esther Gorcey A’H. This song is especially meaningful now before the upcoming Holiday of redemption, Passover.

Tal has been making his way up the charts, and has been recently signed to Israel’s leading music entertainment company Teta Making Music. Tal has been performing in upscale events and wedding for the past decade, and has also been a frequent performer in concerts and festivals in Jewish communities around the globe. He has also collaborated on many projects with leading Israeli and Jewish superstars like Yaakov Shwekey, Yishai Lapidot, Yossi Azulay and many more.

Tal‘s debut single “ Anneni Beshirim“, written and composed especially for Kobi Afflalo, became a hit overnight, and stayed on top of the Jewish music charts for weeks.

Gad Elbazis an internationally acclaimed superstar, known as the greatest performer in Jewish music today, Gad is known especially for his amazing vocal abilities and his boundless success among all different streams of Jewish audiences, both in Israel and abroad. With countless hits and performances, Gad continues to be the leading Jewish singer amongst the Jewish sector in Israel and around the world. He is pleased to team up with his very close friend Tal, and take part in this emotionally moving project.

Faith/Emunah,” is a powerful song, which strikes a cord in your inner soul. The unique voices of Gad and Tal along with the soulful delivery, manage to faithfully portray the deepest emotions inherent in the lyrics of the song. Jherin Esther Gorcey, at just 16 years of age she wrote these remarkable lyrics just a few days before her passing. Words she lived by.

Jherin Gorcey’s life legacy continues to impact the lives of countless souls across the globe. It is an anthem; a reminder to reinforce our trust and faith in the Almighty, something we tend to forget all too often.

Jherin was born on the 2nd of March, 1995, in Deal, New Jersey. She viewed the world as her playground, enjoying every moment as she helped others in their spiritual and character growth. Jherin utilized every talent and interest that she possessed namely surfing and skiing. She brought out the unique qualities in others, and turned their darkness into light. She showed us how to live our lives in love and harmony.

Jhrin Esther was taken on April, 27.2011 the 23rd day of Nissan, at the age of 16, as a result of an allergic reaction to anesthesia pre simple analysis.

Her message continues to resonate in the minds of thousands.

The released single is accompanied by music video that was shot at a few locations and was produced by Sparks Next with director Daniel Finkelmanalong with producer Zvika Bornstein and cinematography by Elements.

The single “ Faith/Emunah” will also be released in Tal’s new album which is now in production. All proceeds from the song will benefit Jherin Ester Gorcey A’H organization, which is run by her mother Rachel Gorcey. Special thanks to Rachel Gorcey for sharing this incredible project with us, for her great dedication and for being a true inspiration to us all.


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