A Tapestry of Stars: More Stories of People who Light up our World

March 05, 2018 1 min read

True stories that light up the dark!

Meet some of the stars of A Tapestry of Stars:

The two girls willing to risk their jobs so a woman can be at her husband’s deathbed
The young college student stuck in Budapest, searching for a phone – and her identity
A young man who finds the strength to overcome his addiction – in memory of his departed brother
The kollel wife who learns not to “hate” Shabbos
The father in America who would not miss his daughter’s chupah, even if it was in Eretz Yisrael, even if it was right after 9/11 and every American airport was closed – and the many people who helped him to get there

And so many others. Stars of kindness, stars of determination, stars of optimistic faith. As her tens of thousands of fans know from her previous books, C.B. Weinfeld has a genius for finding the stars among us, sharing their remarkable stories and lighting up our lives with them. These “stars” look like everyone else, nice, pleasant people – the regular guy you meet at Maariv, the friendly lady watching her kids at the playground. But when you hear their stories of unbelievable dedication, incredible chesed, unimaginable heroism, that’s when you see their radiant light – dazzling, luminous, and so very inspiring. This is a book about the stars that dot the tapestry of our existence, shining their special glow on the luminescence of our world. Actually – it’s about superstars. Superstars who show us how everyday people can be heroes.

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