Aaron Razel

Aaron Razel – Ad Emtza Makom [Official Music Video]

The single Ad Emtza Makom expresses a true desire for Geula. Razel turns to the Shechinah and asks, Ad Matai Golah V’Sura, describing the hiddenness of the Geula, asking for a physical place again on earth for Hashem, and ending with the promise of Lo Eshkot At Sh’Emtzecha. The composition and the upbeat and incredible arrangement will go straight to the soul.

In every album Razel is careful to find himself anew, to create inspiring musical worlds, and has continued that in his new album. For the first time though, Razel finds himself alongside Chassidic music superstars in the world of musical arrangement such as Yuval Stuppel and Yoely Dickman. The album also has special duets with Yishai Ribo, Yonatan Razel, the Menagnim choir, and others. The first song on the album, Zeh Ha’Eisek Shelanu, continues the line of thought that was started with the song Kavati in the previous album.

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