“Akiva” Releases A New Music Video Off His Album “Olamot”

September 14, 2017 1 min read

Akiva, who is one of the up and coming musicians lately, only released his debut album, called Olamot. Akiva Turgemanis a 25 year old musician, married with two children, and lives in Tel Aviv. His father is the Rosh Yeshivat Hesder in Dimona, so Akiva was raised that way. He got his connection to music through the Piyutim at his father’s house, and classical music from his mother. From a very young age he began to sing and play on a number of different musical instruments. As he grew up his voice developed as well, he enjoyed Rock n’ Roll and 70’s music. From there his path towards independent creativity was opened and he began to write and compose.

At 18 years old he began to learn in Yeshiva, at 20 he joined the Golani Brigade, after serving in the army he got married and began to support himself financially through music.

After releasing his debut album a few weeks ago, he is now releasing his first music video to his song V’Ha’er M’Libi.

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