Amiran Driv & Sruli Broncher feat. Uri Lazerovich: “Ein Kmo Gedalia”

February 27, 2018 1 min read

The Shababnick series, which was broadcast over the last few months on the HOT channel, managed to create quite a few headlines and discussions about the secular connection – ultra-Orthodox.

Now the singer Amiran Dvir takes the whole thing a step further. Together with the young ultra-Orthodox arranger, Sruli Broncher, they host actor Uri Lazerovich, who plays Gedaliah – one of the most prominent figures in the series.

The result is a bouncing track and hilarity that meets the name “Ein Kmo Gedalia“.

Performance: Amiran Dvir and Uri Lazerovich
Programming and Mixing: Sruli Broncher
Recorded at Tenor Studios – Michael Z.

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