Ariel Shapiro | Hineh Album Audio Preview

January 23, 2017 1 min read

Ariel, 29, grew up in London where he attended Rosh Pinah Primary and Hasmonean High Schools before completing an English degree at Queen Mary University London.

Having led services in synagogues since he was 14 and performing in several different settings, Ariel has a wide-range of experience. However, it has not been a smooth road up until this point. After suffering with vocal issues, Ariel needed to take a step back and have extensive physiotherapy and coaching to ensure that he could continue to sing. Fortunately, he has now made a full recovery and his voice is now better than ever and is now releasing his debut EP titled “Hineh.”

Although the release fulfills a life-long ambition for Ariel, the album took only 8 months to make from start to finish and features five original tracks including Gone But Never Forgotten, which was written in memory of Ariel and his wife’s grandparents. The other songs are Hineh and Hashem Yevarech which Ariel co-wrote with his Producer, Anthony Galatis. Yerushalayim, the second song on the EP, was written with Ariel’s vocal coach, Natalie Austin, as was Gone But Never Forgotten. The final track, Hamalach, was co-written with Ariel’s wife, Sara and has a special place in their hearts as they sing these words to their daughter every night before bed.

Ariel currently lives in London with his wife and daughter.

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