Aviad Daraf & Segev’s Friends Sing in His Memory “V’Zeh Nisgav”

May 07, 2018 1 min read

Aviad Daraf has been working for many years with youth and combines education with his music. A number of years ago he released his debut album called Lichvodecha. He is also a teacher for 11th graders in Chashmonaim. Daraf was the teacher of Segev Karavani, a 14 year old from Chashmonaim who passed away very suddenly from a brain aneurysm. That led to the composition of the song V’Zeh Nisgav, which Aviad himself wrote and composed. In honor of the Yahrtzeit he produced the song together with Avi Tal. The song is also a duet with Ariel Kapach.

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