“Avinu” Itzik Dadya With A New Music Video For Purim

February 28, 2018 1 min read

A moment before Purim, singer and composer Itzik Dadya releases a shiny new clip for the song “Avinu” which he wrote and composed himself. The song “Avinu” came out a few months ago and was a huge success and hundreds of thousands of plays and views within a few weeks. In its original version, Avinu has been treated with a refreshing Mediterranean pop, and now comes out in an energetic rock version in a special arrangement by Maestro Gershon Frieshtat.

The clip is from the Jerusalem In New York show held several months ago at the Master Theater in New York. In the performance, Itzik performed the last songs he wrote and composed from his next and fourth album, alongside his greatest hits of all time.

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