Avraham Fried Releases New Album “The Israeli Album – Kama Tov Shenifgashnu”

August 04, 2017 2 min read

All-time Jewish music superstar Avraham Fried, is releasing the last single from his new Israeli album called Kamah Tov She’Nifgashnu. The album, which was released on Wednesday, will have a formal release at the massive concert Fried is scheduled to perform at the Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem on Sunday.

Historically, Aleh Katan was the first song Fried ever released that wasn’t from original textual sources, and it immediately resulted in a strong connection between Fried with the Israeli audience. More and more Jews who are Shomer Mitzvos and even those who weren’t necessarily, found themselves listening to Fried’s music. Something about it touched their hearts, and they joined the group of his listeners. Avraham’s special style grabbed even Israeli ears, who loved the connection between Judaism and Hebrew song.

Over the course of the years, he has performed his songs in different ways and styles, which left a huge impact on everyone. Therefore, he has been begged for years by his listeners to create a full album of Hebrew original songs, which speak to all Israelis and connect them to the Mesorah and to Judaism. That is now happening with Kamah Tov Shenifgashnu, an Israeli original album with 11 new songs.

Some of the best musicians joined for this special project of Fried’s: Rami Kleinstein, Yishai Ribo, Tomer Hadadi, Chamutal Ben Ze’ev, Yuval Stuppel, Udi Damari, and Barak Roni. Amongst the new songs you’ll find hit Israeli songs that have already become anthems, such as Kamah Tov Shenifgashnu, and Yerushalayim She’baleiv. This album is different from everything we already know from Fried, it is a lot more interesting, surprising, and Israeli than ever before.

Maslul Meichadash” is the song that opens up the album, some of the memories from your childhood home that are the basis for the strength of a person in their lives.

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