Ben Snof & Gili Argov “Chulshot Enoshiyo”

September 13, 2016 1 min read

The exciting duet between Ben Snof and Gili Argov was brought together one Friday morning when Argov drove up to Tzfat and stopped on the side of the street when he noticed Snof. The two developed a great connection and had a nice conversation and Gili asked Snofto sing a duet with him. Snof immediately put his personal work on an album to the side and composed a song for Gili to the words from Tzachi Dado.

Argov heard the composition and was overly excited. He told Snof that when he would fall into drugs he would runaway and go into depression and that thinking about the spiritual image of Snof helped Argovfind belief and that he would listen to his songs to connect back to the creator of the world.

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