Chaim Gold Presents: The Song That Will Accompany Tens of Thousands To Uman

August 21, 2017 1 min read

Singer and composer Chaim Gold is preparing us for the great trip to Uman this Rosh Hashana and is presenting the Niggun Hitkashrut, which expresses the desire to connect to Tzaddikim and to the Avos. Chaim introduces Shimi Korn, a young boy with a soft and beautiful voice, a descendant from R’ Nachman himself, who Chaim met at the wedding of Yosef Karduner‘s son.

Composition: Chaim Gold
Vocals: Chaim Gold and Shimmy Koren
Musical Production: Jeff Horvitz
Keys and Techno: Jeff Horvitz
Guitars and Bass: Nachman Halvitz
Violin: Gadi Pogatsh
Drums: Yossi Bar Natan
Choir: Yisrael Zalushinski, Moishy Kaufman, Naftali Leitner, Shimmy Koren, Chaim Gold
Special Thanks to Kalman Burshtein and Dovid Kliger

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