Cheeky & Playful New Video From Pinny Einhorn Is On Its Way To Smash Through Media Networks!!!

August 13, 2017 1 min read

The infectious “King of Kumitzes”, Pinny Einhorn, is a Chassidic music artist who has been revolutionizing the genre by melding his priceless charm with a broad spectrum of styles.

Pinny’s sterling reputation has been cemented by the hundreds of Kumzitzes that he has led. There is no demographic, no venue that can resist the spirited energy of his first few chords. Imagine a nursing home with everyone on their feet. An inspiring Kumzitz to cap off the perfect wedding. Or a dark room with hundreds of Yeshiva students rallied into an emotional choir. Recently, Pinny performed at a Sheva Brachos, attended by the Prime Minister, and the Ministers of Education and Defence. Business cards were exchanged after the experience.
Pinny does this all… and more.

While working is wrapping up on his new album, Pinny is releasing a new video for a Niggun for the timeless words, “Tov Lehodos La’Hashem” in collaboration with Lipa Schmeltzer. The video tells the tale of Pinny’s “capture” and subsequent interrogation, injury and his victorious release.

“The song illustrates our ability to be grateful to Hashem, at every moment and in every situation. It’s not easy, but the right energy can get you there”, Pinny says.

Pinny has released “Umishtokek” a heartwarming Niggun that accompanies timeless words of the Sfas Emes. “I like that this song really showcases what I can do. I think you’ll be surprised by.

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