Dovid Hamelech Wrote, Nissim Baruch Composed & Sang: 15 Shirei Hamaalot

May 15, 2018 1 min read

Nissim and Alexandra Baruch are a couple not only in life but in their musical aspirations as well. For many years they have performed and composed together. About thirty years ago they became religious and moved to Israel about 15 years ago. In Israel they continue to work on their music, and they even released an album called Tipot Shel Or last summer. In honor of Shavuous Nissim is releasing an album called the 15 Shirei Hamaalot, which he has worked on for approximately 26 years. The album features compositions of all 15 of the Shirei Hamaalot in Tehillim, and is available as both an audio CD and a video DVD of a concert performance.

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