Eli Begun – Shabbos Hayom

August 31, 2016 2 min read

Eli Begun, son of the iconic Yerachmiel Begun, arrived on the Jewish music scene just a few months back with his poignant, critically acclaimed composition “We Must Go On“, a powerful and touching song and music video. Eli, a multi-talented composer and performer, has now come out with a fast rhythmic production called “Shabbos Hayom“.

“This will be the next huge hit song”, said Chananya Begun of New Sound Productions, who came on board to produce this track for his brother. “It is always incredibly special to work on a family project, even more so on an absolute home-run production like this. This song proves beyond doubt that Eli has many successful years to come”.

This song’s message is powerful and deep, the sound is fresh and highly relevant in 2016.
Listen, share, and enjoy, because a gorgeous new sound to Jewish music has officially arrived.

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Music Credits:

Artist: Eli Begun
Composed by: Eli Begun
Lyrics: S. Begun
Produced by: Chananya Begun
Arranged by: Chananya Begun and Ephraim Berkowitz @Keyboard Studios (Monroe)
Mixed by: Chananya Begun
Mastered by: Ian Freitor
Guitars: Alex Bodnar

Production Credits:

Lyric Video created by: R. Begun (Jewishlyricvideos@gmail.com)
Cover Photography: Yerachmiel Schwartz
Cover Artwork: Eli Pesso


Shabbos Hayom
Shabbos Hayom
Shabbos Hayom Hayom L’Hashem
Shabbat Hayom
Shabbat Hayom L’Hashem

This is the day
This is the day
The day devoted to Hashem

This is the day
This is the day
We say….

Let’s praise the הייליגע Shabbos
Always a טייערע Shabbos
Celebrate our ליכטיגע Shabbos
Yom Menucha – Oh – good Shabbos

How we praise the holy holy Shabbos
Thankful for our treasure that is Shabbos
How we love that joyous day of Shabbos
Yom Menucha – oh – good Shabbos

Feel that spirit so bright
Feel the warmth of the light
There’s a pleasure in the comfort it brings

And it’s making us whole
And restoring our soul
Come together and let our hearts sing


©️Newsound Productions

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