Eli Begun – Shabbos Hayom (Official Music Video)

December 15, 2016 1 min read

Eli Begun is back with an amazing new music video! Around 3 months ago Eli came out with the song “Shabbos Hayom” that has become extremely popular with all different sects of Jews. The song has constantly been playing on Jewish radio stations in New York, New Jersey and Israel and has become the official Shabbos song that people request to hear every Friday! He sang it on Succos by a few concerts in Brooklyn college and in New Jersey with unbelievable reviews. Now he comes out with the music video for this song that will bring the song to a whole new level with a visual experience. The video was shot in Staten Island and partly in the Young Israel of Staten IslandShul. Directed by Chananya Begun, this video is very unique in a lot of ways including seeing Eli’s dancing talents which is rare to see from frum singers in this day and age. Get ready to see something new!

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