Eliyahu Hanavi (Acapella version) – Moshe Storch

April 10, 2018 1 min read

The message of the video is clear, let’s talk to Hashem! He is the answer to everything!

The concept of Eliyahu Hanavi is always with us even during sefira and the 3 weeks when we don’t listen to music so it felt appropriate to use this Eliyahu hanavi song for the “Acapella Seasons”. In other words Moshiach can always come, so let him come NOW!

Hopefully this video will inspire each one of you in your own unique way, however we give 2 main messages here: A) When things are tough (or not), talk to the Lord, He has all the answers. B) When you see someone in need, you can be their Eliyahu hanavi, bring them a redemption. We all have that power in some way.

Ami Kozak, thank you for making this happen! Vocals and Studio – top notch!
Menachem Weinstein of Munch Media is the genius here, he has a vision that he can actually shoot and really well! Book him at MusicMenachem@gmail.com Thank you!

Special thanks to my workspace in Beverly Hills, Pacific Advisors, for allowing their office space for the opening scene & especially Actor Wayne Winter as Boss!

My redeemer in this video is dear to me as well: Sroly Raksin, may you always be a redeemer!

Thank you to my wonderful, patient wife for being part of this project and all the projects and for giving continuous support, may the Shechina stay with us!

Download on Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/eliyahu-hanavi-acapella-version-single/id1234246181
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5GkEhpE19oPOxFwIZCtTcS?si=2NRnux2FSyuoHmxRFUqknw

Oh Hashem I wanna talk to You…. visit www.breslov.org to learn more about hisbodedus.

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