FDD Vocal Releases A Brand New International Medley [Video]

October 25, 2017 1 min read

For the upcoming winter, The ‘FDD Vocal‘ band, are releasing a new medley that will warm you up. A unique mashup track of international pop hits in a spectacular vocal performance.

The band which includes 6 singers who graduated the I.D.F. military band, has been performing and recording for over a year. They have recently returned from a tour of Jewish communities around the world and during performances the need arose to speak to the local audience in their own language. Till now, the “Vocal’s” have produced original materials and cover versions for Jewish traditional songs. Now, as they say, they are changing direction just for a moment and releasing medley.

The responses they received during their performances were excellent. People who are far from Torah and mitzvot were enthusiastic about the fact that even religious young people can touch them with up-to-date music in a vocal quality that is no less than the original performance. Enjoy this brand new video clip of the medley.

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