“Halleluyah” Yosef Karduner & Rabbi Chaim Louk

January 20, 2017 2 min read

The veteran and famous singer, Yosef Karduner, is one of the founders and pioneers of original Jewish music which is outside the mainstream chassidic “yiddish” world of music. Karduner has contributed greatly to the expansion of the musical repertoire which has opened the door to a new and more diverse trend of Jewish music. Yosef Karduner got his fame originally after composing the rousing composition to the words from Psalms “Shir Lamaalot“, which has merited to see many covers by other singers and much success throughout different streams of the Jewish world. Karduner has released 13 albums which include many special and original songs inspired by Breslov teachings.

Rabbi Chaim Louk – is one of the great poets of the Moroccan Jewish tradition and Andalusian music. He has a rare voice which has captured the hearts of many and his performances are unique and exciting experiences. In his birthplace of Morocco, he has won special recognition and performed many concerts with the Orchestra of the Royal Palace and even in the presence of the King of Morocco.

In 2010, Rabbi Chaim Louk appeared at the Israel Festival with “The New Jerusalem Orchestra”, and in 2011 won the Ministry of Culture music award, for lifetime achievement in perpetuating the musical heritage of Moroccan Jewry and teaching generations of young and old from all walks of society and promoting inter religious tolerance and peace through music.

Luke shares and collaborates with artists and singers of various backgrounds such other with Barry Sakharov, Shlomo Bar, Amir Benayoun, and others. And now, at the initiative of a mutual friend of the two men – Michael Shitrit who composed the wonderful melody, Louk and Karduner execute a beautiful, joyful, exhilarating production which gives expression to the connection between the eastern and western sounds and instruments carried out by the best musicians and masterful mix by the wonderful Jeff Horvitch.

“Every soul will praise the Lord, Halleluyah” – This verse ends the book of Psalms – which expresses the height of desire to praise Gd by all the spirit and soul of man who admits he longs for closeness proximity: Every soul will praise the Lord, Halleluyah. It seems that everyone involved with the production of this special were faithfully able to express it in their work.

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