Hershy Eisenbach – B’Rega Echod [Official Music Video]

August 21, 2017 1 min read

After a long period of time during which he was able to entertain Chassanim and Kallos on their wedding days, and to set many a stage on fire here in Israel, with a rare sort of energy, Hershy Eisenbach is finally releasing his debut single, composed by Hershy himself. The song is called B’Rega Echod. The lyrics come from the words of the B’Er Mayim Chaim in his sefer Shaar Ha’Tefillah. The song was arranged by Ari Farkash, with vocal arrangements by Itzik Filmer, together with the Yachad Choir led by Srulik Weitzman. The song is accompanied by an emotional and impressive video clip.

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