Introducing: France’s Newest Superstar “David HABABOU”

November 16, 2016 2 min read

David HABABOU was born on April 26, 1996 in PARIS. He is the 3rd of a sibling of 8 children and has been interested in music since his youngest age.
He plays guitar and piano just like his elder brother Mendel. Indeed, in the family one is all musician and from father to son; His father won first prize in the conservatory of piano in Nice, and his famous grandfather Michel HABABOU said Mike Miguel accompanied several celebrities during his long musical career in the 1970′s. David is already well known since he performs in various private evenings throughout FRANCE and even in ISRAEL and community events.

He became known with his first single “Adon Olam” in which he sings with his two little brothers, Dov and Chmouel, taken from a famous song of KENDJI GIRAC, The Winner of The Voice France ( ” Elle m’a aimé “).

In less than a year, David has released 3 singles that he recorded with his two little brothers under the name of HABABOU BROTHERS: the first “Adon Olam“, the second “Boï Kala” and the third “Kol Sassone.”

Now everyone knows his songs and can listen to them on the community radios of PARIS and MARSEILLE where he has been invited several times. He also opened up for Gad ELBAZ who performed at a Concert in PARIS on 24 June 2015 at the casino in Paris and Peer Tasi as well.

For several months now, he has appeared in several galas and festivals.

His debut album “Adon Olam” was released on July 2nd.

His album is available in bookstore in Europe and available for digital purchase of Google Play

You can check out two of his songs below



Last week, David was the star singer at the Shabbos Project in Nice
This concert was a great success.

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