It’s Getting Closer & Closer… The Third Album From The Composer With The Moving Songs Eitan Kalinman – “Holech U’meir”

March 06, 2018 1 min read

Singer and composer Eytan Kleinman releases another single off his upcoming third album, an album that will be original and more personal, and is expected to be released soon. Those who have been exposed to his previous albums, know Kleinman‘s sensitive work, both in his ballads and in the more joyful songs. The artist in his soul, the glue in a unique musical style that is not influenced by passing trends or traditional melodies “because it is less interesting to be like everyone else.”

The new single “Holech U’meir” is a song of search and prayer, in light of Eytan‘s challenging life experience. The words describe an interesting way of coping, that teaches a person to look positively at everything that happens. “From the moment a person is born,” Kleinman explains, “he is in the process of searching for a goal, an anchor of caring and meaning, and it is important to remember that even in the small moments we can find great joy and without climbing mountains. My personal quest, from which my insights are drawn to my compositions.”

As can be seen from listening to the new single, the original tune accompanying the song, subtly completes the deep message and provides a moment of observation in the endless race of life.

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