“Karev Yom” A Clip The Likes You Have Never Seen!

August 27, 2017 1 min read

Remember the name Moshe Feld, the talented singer and performer who is releasing now his debut single Karev Yom, his own composition from his upcoming debut album on the way. On top of the composition though, is the incredible lyric video that accompanies the song, the likes of which is definitely new for this genre.

Composition and vocals: Moshe Feld
Lyrics: Haggadah Shel Pesach
Production: Ron Kerzbaum
Arrangement: Ron Kerzbaum and Moshe Feld
Piano: Daniel Salomon
Additional Piano: Omri Bar
Drums and Percussion: Nir Mantzur
Bass Guitar: Kobi Klahr
String section Arrangement: Avner Kalmer
Violins: Avner Kalmer, Keren Tannenbaum, Chen Shinhar, Yugav Glussman
Viola: Galia Chai, Noam Weinshall-Chaimovitz
Cello: Hila Epstein, Noah Eili
Counterbass: Dovid Segal
More: Ariel Tuchman
Keyboards and Techno: Ron Kerzbaum
Backup Vocals: Moshe Feld
Mix and Mastering: Ronen Hallel
Language Advisor: Ofrah Cohen
Production of the video: Tirtza Fishman
Videography: Yoel Erlenger
Graphical Assistant: Ayala Lavi
Vocals recorded at Ron Kerzbaum Studios
Drums and Bass recorded at ISCREAM STUDIO
Violins recorded at Sach Hakol Studio
Pianos recorded at Bardo, Gil Feldman’s Studio
Other Recordings: Ariel Tuchman Studios

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