Ki El Asher Teilchi Eilech: Amiran Dvir (Single)

November 12, 2016 1 min read

After the success of his recent singles Haneir Ha’Pnimi and Shivati, singer and producer Amiran Dvir is releasing a single called Ki El Asher Teilchi Eilech. It is a new song in addition to his song “Ruth” that he released on an album about 15 years ago.
Amiran says: “I wanted to compose from these Pesukim, which talk about the trust and the love in the conversation between Naomi and Ruth, the words show the influence of trust between people, between husbands and wives, and parents and their children.”
Tonight in Petach Tikva Amiran and his band performed the new single in the Ha’Golah area, which guest starred Aharon Razel and Yirmi Kaplan.

Credits: Lyrics: Megillat Ruth
Composition: Amiran Dvir
Arrangement: Yair Michael
Musical Production: Yair Michael and Amiran Dvir
Background Vocals: Ruli Ezrachi

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