Matt Dubb – Heilig (feat. Worch)

Behind the making of this record…

About two years back I started working on this track based on my influences from music producer Tim Bergling AKA Avicii. He was one of the main reasons I began producing electronic music. His music inspired/influenced me which words can not. When I heard of his sudden death I went back into the session and decided it was time to finish it and share it with you all. RIP.

The story behind the Vocals…

Almost every Shabbos there is a kiddish at the Breslov / Kerestier shul in Flatbush after Shachris. At this Kidish Mendy Worch leads us with his singing/ zemiros. One of the songs he sings is his rendition to the famous “Bardichev Nigun” as heard in this song – with a taste of Shabbos – the melody touches my soul every time I hear it. I gave Mendy a call with the idea of doing a collaboration with his rendition – the rest is for you to listen…

I hope you all enjoy as much at it was creating!

Matt Dubb

Producer: Matt Dubb
Co Producer: Ruli Ezrachi
Music: Matt Dubb
Vocals: Mendy Worch
Production / Engineer: Ruli Ezrachi

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