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Micha Gamerman – Bezochrenu Et Zion (Official Music Video)

November 29, 2016 1 min read

We live in a age of technology, a age where its sometimes hard to remember that we are in golus. So many good things around us that are easy attainable. This amazing cinematographic experience of Micha Gamerman, Bezochrenu Et Zion film, is about remembering who we are as a people, where we came from, and that we are waiting for the final redemption. Directed and produced by one of the best video productions teams, Mendy Pellin and his staff took great care and detail to make sure that this film would have the realness of today while making sure to explain the verse “If I will forget you Jerusalem, My right hand will forget (its skill).”

Composed by: Elie Schwab
Arranged by: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry
Back-up vocals by: Micha Gamerman & Elie Schwab
Film Directed by: Mendy Pellin
Director of Photography: Mendel Katz
Produced by: Yisrael Dubov
Production Designer: Jorchual vargas
Coordinate and Executive Shadchan: Yossi Zweig
Set Dresser: Thamara Vargas
1st A/D: Yisrael Dubov
Drone Operator: Michael Zeng
Colorist: Persephanie Engel
Makeup Artist: Jessica Clark
Production Assistant: Lanette Simmons
Production Assistant: Uzi Moses
Cast: David Baach, Quinton Winston, Isaac Uhlenberg, Kai Cofer, Angela Sogtgerel, Nick Greene, Sally Lefton, Thamara Vargas, Yossi Zweig, Uzi Moses, David Quintero, Patrick Breen, Billy Cruz, Aron Niassof, Hinda Pellin, Sheva Pelin, Yosef Pellin.

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