Micha Gamerman – Yihye B´seder [Official Music Video]

May 16, 2017 2 min read

Once again, Brazilian superstar, Micha Gamerman, has taken his talents to a new form. We know how Micha can fire up the crowd on stage as well as record unbelievably diverse hits. Micha has just concepted and starred in his all new unique music video, Yihye B’seder. The video is sure to be the most creative video you have seen this year.

Yihye B’seder
is one of the hits off of Micha‘s upcoming 3rd album to be released after the yomim noraim. On a recent visit to Brazil, composer Eli Klein got together with Micha. It was at that meeting that Yihye B’seder came to be created. The song features arrangements by the hot duo, Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry.

The music video features the biggest basketball player in Brazilian history, Oscar Shmidt.

Micha explains, “Oscar was not only a talented player. He is also a living example to all of never giving up hope and seeing the good in all. Even after being diagnosed with brain cancer twice, and being told he only had days to live, Oscar‘s desire to live enabled him to keep fighting strong.” Oscar is now a motivational speaker who travels throughout the world spreading his positivity. Oscar was the one who was always heard saying “Tudo Bem” – Portuguese for “All is good”, even throughout his roughest patches. He was always had a positive outlook and smile and that is why Micha felt that he was the most worthy person of appearing in this video.

The famous player sends a recording to Micha that explains the title track. Watch for yourself to understand what Yihye B’seder really means.

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