Mordechai Roth & Adi Ran – Close Your Eyes [Official Music Video]

January 28, 2018 1 min read

Mordechai Roth is not a singer, and doesn’t pretend to be one. Day to day, Roth is busy being a personal coach and therapist and started “Olamim“, a chareidi center for healthy living. Besides for that, he is also a successful author of adult and children’s books along with Chaim Walder.

As a therapist, author, and weekly columnist in media dealing with psychology and various sensitive issues, Roth has met and counseled lots of youth and people in all kinds of situations in their life, and encourages them and strengthens them in different styles and with words that touch the heart and soul. Roth’s music and guitar play a large and import role in his counseling and get together s.

Throughout Roth‘s counseling, lectures, and conferences, there are certain phrases that are repeated and brought up countless times. Mordechai has finally decided to give them extra power by putting the words to music.

Bein Nefila L’Aliyah” – The name of the song reflects Roth’s main motto, A Jew must know that even if God forbid we fall, we must know to stop the fall at the right time and start from scratch – and that is the secret to coping with hardships in life.

In order to add a special touch and depth to this special piece, the singer Adi Ran was called to perform the song in a joint duet.

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