MORDECHAI SHAPIRO – B’Yachad (Official Music Video)

October 23, 2017 2 min read 8 Comments

Mordechai ShapiroB’Yachad” (Official Music Video)
Video by: Shimmy Socol
Composed by: Mordechai Shapiro & Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics by: Miriam Israeli
Arranged by: Ian Freitor – Playmasters studios
Vocals recorded by: DeG Studios, Doni Gross

I like to draw and paint
I like to wake up late
But I don’t like to clean my room
I like when Mommy bakes
The Challah and the cake
Sometimes I get to lick the spoon

I can get up and stand
If someone holds my hand
Then I can walk along my way
I like to talk to you
And when you listen to
Whatever I have got to say

We can all sing
We can all sing
We can all sing B’yachad
We’re creating B’yachad
It’s a special harmony

I like to ride my bike
And I enjoy a hike
I play piano and I sing
I love my family
Sometimes I’d rather be
Alone away from everything

I like to be with fiends
And to connect with them
I like to feel that I belong
We aren’t quite the same
But really that’s ok
I know that we can get along

Cause both you and I
See the same blue sky
We’re under one star
Let’s bridge the distances
Forget our differences
Wherever we are

Sometimes I’m really brave
Sometimes I feel afraid
And I don’t always toe the line
Sometimes I fall and then
I get back up again
Nobody’s perfect all the time

I like when people see
The good I have in me
We all can give in our own way
Let’s spread the love around
Our differences don’t count
Let’s make the world a better place

Special thank you to:
Marla Rottenstreich of Yachad,
The Balk family,
The Ivdu School,
David Schwartzman

8 Responses

Tuvia Freeman
Tuvia Freeman

October 26, 2017

Really awesome song! Please keep sending new videos!

Chaya H
Chaya H

October 26, 2017

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!This Is sure to become a hit!! Mordechai,I still remember u from Miami boys choir!!U still have an amazing voice!!!Great job!!!!!!!!

rachel COHEN
rachel COHEN

October 25, 2017


Ruth stern
Ruth stern

October 24, 2017

Beautiful! Kol hakovod!!


October 24, 2017



October 24, 2017

this is an amazing song!
love it!


October 24, 2017

Love this.

Dorothy R Bienen
Dorothy R Bienen

October 24, 2017

Thank you abundantly dear Mordechai for your amazing voice, spirit and talent!!! We are all listening to your magnificent music….and through it….we draw strength and much joy!!!! I am thrilled I bought your cd for our family….and my precious grand daughter has a favorite song…SMILE!!!! Many blessings as you move forward as such a talented artist!

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