Ariel Cohen

Motty Steinmetz – Haneshama Bekirbi

In honor of Rosh Chodesh Adar, singer Motty Steinmetz is releasing a music video and the first song off his upcoming debut album. The song Haneshama Bekirbi, composed by American producer Ruli Ezrachi. Modeh Ani is the first single and the title track of the new debut album which will be released soon, produced by Yossi Rubin. Haneshama B’Kirbi is a kumzitz-style song, which will quickly take its place on the stage of Chassidic music. Together with the track is a quality music video which depicts a typical day in the life of singer Motty Steinmetz. The clip was produced by Shalom Eizenbach and Ariel Cohen in a number of places throughout Israel.

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