Naftali Blumenthal | Life of Meaning (Chayei Olam) Official Music Video

Singer/songwriter Naftali Blumenthal has released three singles to date. They have all been amazing ballads with moving arrangements. Two of his previous singles “S.O.S. (Source of Strength)” & “Godly Tune” were in English while his most recent single Chasoif was in Hebrew. Each video has become popular in their own right. Together they have over 160,000 views combined.

Now Naftali is back, and he upped the ante. Bigger production both in music and video. His newest single titled “Life of Meaning/Chayei Olam” shows Blumenthal in a new light, with a faster more upbeat song. This song literally has it all, both Hebrew and English lyrics, and a heartwarming tune with an amazing message. Want to know what I mean? Then watch the attached video and see what a “Life of Meaning” is for yourselves.

Music Credits:
Composed/Produced/Arranged/Pianos/Synths: Naftali Blumenthal @ASAP Productions
Drums: Gershon Braun (recorded @Jake Antelis Studio)
Bass: Yoshie Fruchter
Guitars: Aryeh Kunstler
Mixed/Mastered: Sefi Carmel

Video Credits:
Filmed and Edited by: Shlomo Weprin @ Shlomotions
Produced and Directed by: Will Schwerd
Actors: Shlomo Kalchman & Ben Katzenstein
Wardrobe Manager: Jack Tabbush
Consultant: Ari Neuman

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