Now Available! Adventures of THE SHPY! [Trailer]

February 15, 2018 1 min read

Heeeeees baaack! Gather around boys and girls​!​​ The Shpy is now headed to the big ​DVD ​screen!

There’s trouble in the air​. ​When ​Agent 18 spot​s​ a man ​​delivering “Moldste​i​n​’s​ chocolate” ​to a grocery store​ that sells “Goldste​i​n​’​s chocolate​​,” ​​he ​gets a funny feeling ​in his stomach! And it’s not from something he ate! Obviously, the ​Yetzer ​Harah is up to no good​! ​ Agent ​​613​ calls upon​​ the one and only Shpy​ ​to make sure the YH gets his just desserts!​

The ​Shpy is the top secret agent at Tzivos ​Hashem​!​ ​Together with ​his sidekick ​Feivel​, the SHPY ​keep​s​ the ​Yetzer ​Horah from ​​​​interfering with Jewish children learning Torah and doing mitzvos. The Shpy ​teach​es​ children timely and timeless lessons​ in a very tasteful way using humor and fu​n!

Now in stores!






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Shpy 3.00_03_41_10.Still007

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