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On The Occasion of Simchat Beis Bialah: Elazar Esterzon Bounces with “Mizmor Lesoda”

May 24, 2018 1 min read

Elazar Esterzon is releasing a brand new song called Mizmor Lesoda right before the major Bialah Chasuna soon. Estherzon‘s name was first revealed a number of months ago when he released his hit song Danken, performed by Yoely Klein, Shuki Goldstein and the Malchus Choir. Estherzon is now taking his talent one step further by performing this song himself, which is a single from his album Kinoro Shel Mashiach 2.

Yehuda Galili arranged the song, together with David Taub and Srulik Mendelson.

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