On The Occasion of The Outbreak of World War II: “Ani Maamin” Featuring Malchut, Dickman & Avremi Roth

September 07, 2017 1 min read

The Modzitzer Ba’Al Menagen R’ Ezriel Dovid Fastag connected strongly to the song Ani Ma’Amin, during his recent trip to Treblinka. In commemoration of the day the second world war started, 17 Elul, the Malchus choir and the symphony orchestra of Yoely Dickman performed this incredible song, together with Avremi Roth singing.

The musical project was part of the Mesilla dinner. Ozer Druk produced the event, which Pinchas Bichler arranged and conducted the choral vocals. The Kol Ha’Ne’Arim boys choir sang, led by Naftali Pollack.

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