Pisgot Chayecha I Uziya Tzadok I Live

February 06, 2017 1 min read

After conquering the country with his beautiful voice and performing on nearly every possible stage, Uziya Tzadok is releasing a new album from a concept concert that he performed in Tel Aviv. The concert was accompanied by an orchestra of 20 musicians, led by maestro Gershon Freishtat, and Uziya moved the crowd with some of his hits like Tzel Eitz Tamar, Yamama, Sod Hamazalot, and of course Shma Yisrael. Uziya was joined on stage for duets by Ohad Moskowitzand Itzik Dadya, and Daniel Ahaviel performed on his legendary violin. The concert was videoed and recorded, and is available for purchase both as a CD or DVD.
Available at Shanky’s in Israel and Nigun Music in the US.

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