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Sheya Mendlowitz Brings The Gat Brothers To America!

by yossi August 10, 2016

The Gat brothers made waves in Israel in 2013 for their unique backgrounds and superb musical skills, captivating religious and secular audiences alike on the popular Israeli TV show called “Rising Star/Kochav Haba.” Aryeh and Gil, who grew up in the largely secular resort city of Eilat, began their journey after Aryeh became observant 19 years ago; Gil and a third brother joined him shortly thereafter.

All three brothers always had a love for music, a love that did not leave them even after they joined the Breslov hassidic sect.
Since then, the Gat brothers have gone on to become one of the most popular acts in Jewish history. Their tour has already taken them across the globe spreading their one-of-a-kind performance. From Israel to South Africa, Belgium to Brussels, London, Netherlands, France, Toronto and more.
This August for the first time in the tri-state area, the Gat Brothers are coming to entertain the masses. On Tuesday night August 16th @ 8pm as part of the Concert Under the Stars concert series which takes place yearly in Cedarhurst Park, American’s will experience an evening like never before. Not only will you get to see first hand that magic that is the Gat Brothers with all their classic cover songs, but you will also get to hear some of their songs that they have been working on since Rising Star. The show is being produced by the biggest name in Jewish music (and has been for the last 30 years), the one and only Sheya Mendlowitz. In addition to this wonderful event coming up we would like to welcome to the production team Sarah Mendlowitzdaughter of Sheya who is co-producing the event, and is very involved in future upcoming productions weddings & various musical happenings giving her own unique personal touch!

Seats are in high demand since it’s a FREE concert and the expected turnout is sure to be the biggest the series has ever seen, so please get there early to reserve your seats. The Concert Under the Starsseries is a yearly event that the town of Cedarhurst conducts for the enjoyment of their town and the adjoining towns for a few weeks. The event is mostly secular music for the enjoyment of the residents. However, the evening of August 16th is designated for a Jewish music event, made possible largely with the help of Yoely Steinberg of Gourmet Glatt who has helped cultivate one of these evening for frum Jews. The event is sponsored by Gourmet Glatt which now has four amazing locations including, Cedarhurst, Woodmere, Brooklyn, and Lakewood.

Also appearing, the mega talented duo Ilan & Josh the beatboxing marvels as featured on America’s Got Talent. If you thought these talented Yeshiva boys were unique on Youtube, wait till you see what they can do live! You won’t believe it.


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