Shimon Brod – Earth Song (Cover)

Shimon Brod is a 23-year-old Jewish American pianist from Los Angeles, California. At the tender age of three, before Shimon’s feet could reach the pedals of his Casio keyboard, it was clear that Shimon was a natural musician and child prodigy. At the age of 19, Shimon left his hometown for New York City to pursue a career in music. To date, Shimon has performed at many galas, live shows and solo concerts spanning across Europe, North and South America. When asked where he draws his inspiration from, Shimon cites names such as Jim Brickman, William Joseph and Yaron Gershovsky, to name a few.

While Shimon’s style of playing is reminiscent to some of the great musicians he cites as inspirations, Shimon has developed his very own melodic and soulful style that is remarkably fresh, unique and youthful.

Following the 2016 presidential elections, the world witnessed the devastating division that ripped through the heart of our great nation, leaving us all to pick up the broken pieces. It was then that Shimon was inspired to record “Earth Song”, a classic that’s theme is about the planet and our impact on it as human beings; that if we don’t unite and learn to love all of mankind, what will remain of our wonderful world for our children? In Shimon’s words “The purpose of recording this song was to inspire people to reflect for a moment, to put their political views aside, and realize that we all live here together and must all stay together, for we are one people, united we stand, and divided we fall.”


Producer: Yoni Z
Director: Yossi Zigelboum
Filmed and Edited:
Recording Studio:: James Morgan Studios
Additional Arrangements:

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