“Shir Yamecha” A New Single For Uziya Tzadok

March 22, 2018 1 min read

Uziya Tzadok returns to the front of the stage in a new single called “Shir Yamecha” written by After stirring up the country with his winning the Music School program and the song “Pisgot Chayecha“, Uziya Tzadok returned to the forefront of Israeli music with a new single called “Shir Yamecha.” The song was written by Israeli songwriter Erez Berezolnik and composed by Uziya‘s older brother Eviatar Tzadok. The musical arrangement and production was done by Itzik Dadya, the musical mentor of Uziya in recent years.

Over the past two years, under the management of producer David Fadida, Uziya Tzadok appeared all over the world, on the largest stages and with the greatest names in Jewish music. Participated in a tour of Jewish communities in the United States, Europe and various official ceremonies in Israel.

Uziya Tzadok is now embarking on a new path, mature and more experienced, as a young singer at the beginning of his career, presenting rare vocal abilities that remind us of why he was nicknamed the “Wonder Boy of the State.” With a special evening voice he performs the song in its unique way, and gives meaning to the words “ושיר יָמֶיךָ, הזורם לו בדמך, כמתנה מהשמיים יהיה תמיד בך.” Uziyah did indeed have a rare gift from heaven, and in his clear and clear voice he sings “Shir Yamecha“.

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