Shloime Gertner & Shalom Peretz “Hamayim Shetafunu”

March 30, 2018 1 min read

“בניסן נגאלו ובניסן עתידין להגאל (In Nisan, they were redeemed and in Nissan they were destined to be redeemed).”

These days, the month of Nissan, the month of redemption, while we witness the constant attempts of the sons of Ishmael. British singer Shloime Gertner, wishes to awaken us and remind us of the words of Rabbeinu Rabbi Chaim Vital, of blessed memory, to say chapter 24 of Tehillim that he protects and protects us from Ishmael. Watch a wonderful clip of Shloime Gertnerin a special duet with the wonder boy Shalom Peretz.

Hamayim Shetafunu;
Composed & Arranged by: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry
Design and Animation: Matti Shriki Production
Representation in Israel; “VMP Shalom Vagshal Productions

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