Shovei El Arecha- Dov Shurin

September 24, 2008 2 min read

Dov Shurin has been a famous singer for many years already. Over the years he has put out few albums, included among them collaborations with Rav Shlomo Carlbach. From then on andas it appears forever, even during the time that he was a radio broadcaster inIsrael, Dov identified with those who are considered to have right wing opinions and wrote many songs in the spirit of fighting for Eretz Yisrael. The songs, such as “Halev Sheli B’Chevron” or “Zachreini Nah” during the period of terrorist attacks and the song “V’Lo Yintashu Od M”Al Admasam” that was recorded during the period of disengagement, even then he always deserved to be praised and he was.

Dov already a famed musician in theUnited States, merited to enjoy a few years of becoming even more famous following the shaky security situation and military actions being executedinIsrael, at which time Zachreini Nahwas oublicized throughout the world andcaught on quickly to all parts of the Tzibbur. To the point that Dov even recorded a new version of the song which resulted in a more

upbeat and bubbly singleand so it went on to becomea popular tune at many weddings, as many other songs have done.

The eviction of the Jews from Gush Katif broke his heart so much so, that for 3 years it was tough for him to put out any new musical material at all. The song Shovei El Arecha from the words of the passuk from Yirmiya, that was composed by Dov, had been in his head for years. Until suddenly a few months ago he remembered it and felt that there was never a more fitting time to put out the song than now, almost 3 years after the eviction. The names of those settlements that were destroyed are mentioned within the song and emotional voicesrecorded from the time of the eviction are heard along with their promise of everyone returning one day.


The new song Shovei El Arecha, is a song that pulls together the album’s collection of 12 special and yet complex songs by Dov Shurin that arouse a great love for Eretz Yisrael. Just as many past hits such as

זכריני נא ולא ינטשו עוד אנחנו נתגבר הלב שלי בחברון

and more which all encourage and showcase Dov’s tremendous love for the land. The album is expected to come out quickly B’zras Hashem through distribution by Hindik Hafakot.


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