Shulem Lemmer – Shulem [Official Album Sampler]

August 06, 2017 1 min read 1 Comment

The long awaited debut album “Shulem” is a masterful body of work that showcases Shulem Lemmer’s diverse musical abilities in full force as he takes on a wide span of styles and genres. This release marks the first album from Shulem, whose viral YouTube performances earned him an enthusiastic fan base eagerly awaiting his debut album.

This milestone album was produced by Yochi Briskman of Project Productions. In order to produce a distinctive album developed with the signature craftsmanship and detail Shulem has made for himself,Yochicollaborated with some of the best in the business to create the sound Shulem has become known for.

For this project, Shulem and Yochiworked closely with prestigious composers such as the legendary Yossi Green and emotive Pinky Weber in order to produce the most authentic delivery as possible, while also embracing new composers along the way. The talented arrangers such as Moshe Laufer and Yanky Briskman wrote beautiful arrangements to accompany these songs, while Yochihimself took special care into how the arrangements were created.

From fresh compositions and older classics to upbeat contemporary melodies, “Shulem” spans time itself, and has something for everyone. We hope you enjoy the snippets of it. We can’t wait to share with you the full album soon.

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Chris Balestrieri
Chris Balestrieri

February 10, 2018

blows you a way you really feel spirit of lord and feel his heart, even thow i dont understand the words you feel in your heart.i feel blessed to have come across this thank you.

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