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When Nostalgia & Innovation Come Together: A New Solo Album For The Wonder Boy Ari Reich – “Ari SheBechabireh”

R’ Moshe Cohen who has produced countless albums and production over the last 10+ year, is now releasing a new album, the first time in decades. He presents the “Ari SheBechabireh” – a unique emotional album by the wonder boy Ari Reich.

Reich, who has performed around the world with his signature beautiful voice who has excited tens of thousands of Jews in Israel, in the world and in the chasidic courts, serves as the sole soloist in the whole album and makes history – after about two decades of the chassidic music world.

In addition, the album combines unique and original arrangements of its kind, with a collection of nostalgic hits that are sold by the Chasidic music industry and the familiar melodies are based on other words, created exclusively by the talented Benny Laufer.

Ari SheBechabireh is in stores now and available in the US through Nigun Music. To whet your appetite, here is a little sampler video that provides you with just a small glimpse into the new album.

Download/buy the album now on Nigun Music

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