Yanky Daskal – Am Segulah

September 05, 2017 1 min read

Am Segulah” a premiere music for a debut disc for the premiere wedding. World renowned singer and composed R’ Yaakov (Yanky) Yehuda Daskal is almost ready to release his longly awaited debut album, a special and varied album, with Daskal’s chassidic and unique style. The compositions in the album are without exception the best of his own melodies. His songs have been known throughout the world as he is a seasoned composed with many famous niggunim. For the production of his debut album, Daskal recruited legendary arranger Shua Fried, who has been known as the surprising arranger of the last few years, and his unique stamp is evident in every note on the album. This single Am Segulah is being released by Daskal for his daughter’s wedding. “Am Segula” is a rhythmical song filled with chassidic energy for good taste, with adaptation a perfect orchestration that only Fried can bring. To complete the special symphony, the SHEVACH children’s choir from the US join Daskal, which adds a powerful touch to the song and throughout the entire album, and everything is perfectly orchestrated by Hershel Brisk vocals arranger, who adapted the choirs throughout the album with great talent. With extensive experience in the field of choirs.

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